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As one of the top suppliers in Canada, Transat Holidays offers flights from: St-John’s, Halifax, Moncton, Fredericton, Montréal, Québec, Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Vancouver, Victoria, Comox, Abbotsford, Prince George and Kelowna.
Europe is the continent where you can do everything from go on exciting adventures to relaxing in the most zen places you can find anywhere! From historic sites to beautiful beaches, you can really find it all. And lets not forget about the food. Have delicious crepes in Paris, or try some perogies in Poland. All this coupled with amazing shopping and sightseeing, and you are in for a great trip!
The United States of America
Looking for the American dream? Well what better place to find it than in the United States of America. The states really have cultures of their own, from the southern hospitality in New Orleans to the laidback vibes of California. You can certainly find anything that suits your tastes.
The South
Looking for endless sunny days, smiles all around, a laid back vibe that puts you in a chill space? Then head south.. the Caribbean, South America.. lots of great places that have plenty of hammocks by the Ocean waiting for you to indulge!
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Holiday Ideas
Adults Only
Something having kids around takes away some of the more magical, yet serious moments. And what if you want romance? There are plenty of great adult only hotels and resorts that will give you a much needed break from family life!
Great for Families
Of course you can’t always get away from your kids, so why not bring them along. Kids love going to resorts and cruises as there are plenty of programs just for them to have fun while you do what you do best – relax! And of course who could forget about Disney World, a place fun for kids and adults alike!
Great for Singles
Looking for somewhere to go but on your own? There are plenty of choices. Going on singles cruises are great for that. Or many people choose to backpack Europe solo, as meetings other solo travelers is quite common!
Walt Disney World Resort
A vacation to Disney World is not complete without staying at one of the Walt Disney World Themed Resorts. There are a variety of places to choose from based on different Disney films!

Destination Weddings
Transat Holidays has been handling amazing dream destination weddings for years. With amazing service, you can get hitched in paradise without having to worry about the small details.
Great for Golfing
Transat Holidays offers plenty of vacation packages where getting away to play some golf is easy! There are amazing courses around the world to play, and many resorts partnered with Transat makes it easy to play them!
The Luxury Collection
Transat Holidays has unveiled its Luxury Collection. Situated in the Mexico and the Caribbean are some of the most luxurious hotels that will give you that amazing attention to detail. Be in awe of the great service and visually stunning surroundings. Get pampered to oblivion and enjoy some of the finest food in the world!
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