Destination – North America
From the radiant coast of Vancouver to the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains to the urban metropolis of Toronto, Canada is a melting pot of nature, culture and cosmopolitanism that attracts visitors from around the globe. As the second largest country in the world, Canada has no shortage of sights to delight.

The sheer size of Canada can be daunting, but the diversity that exists in all corners of the country is worth exploring.

Destinations: Montreal, Quebec City, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto
Costa Rica
You may have already heard that Costa Rica is known as one of the ‘most happy’ countries in the world but did you know it’s one of the top eco-friendly countries too? The Costa Rican government hopes it to be the first carbon neutral country by 2021, which is certainly something to be proud of. This environmental outlook sets the pace for those wishing to travel to Costa Rica, because flora and fauna are definitely the focus here. Costa Rica is filled to the brim with a rich variety of plants and animals, so it’s no wonder that Trafalgar does amazing escorted eco tours here.

Mexico is a celebrated land of vibrant culture, tradition and adventure. For a real taster of Mexico, travel through the vast Sonoran Desert, stop off in the small town of Santa Ana for a hearty Mexican lunch and journey on to Hermosillo to view the cathedral and murals at the Government Palace. If you love stunning sunsets, stop at San Carlos beachfront resort where you’ll find cactus gardens as well as private boat rides for scenic cruises on the Sea of Cortez.
United States of America
Glittering cities, iconic landmarks, beach culture, and Southern hospitality all add up to one of the most diverse countries in the world. Feel the pulse of vibrant cities, from New York to Los Angeles, or be electrified by the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Discover perfectly sculpted canyon lands of the great Colorado plateau, blaze trails through rich history as you cross Western frontiers, embark on a discovery tour along Route 66, or escape to Hawaii for a tropical getaway. In the USA, the options seem endless.
Home to 50 eclectic states, the USA is filled to the brim with unique cities and attractions that draw its visitors in and leave a lasting impression on their hearts.

Destinations: San Fransisco, Pheonix, New York, Las Vegas, Boston, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

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Destination: South America
As the second largest country in South America and the eighth largest country in the world, Argentina has plenty of hype to live up to; but of course Argentina surpasses it all with gracious style. Home to the ‘Paris of South America’, Buenos Aires, Argentina is a country famed for its passion and pride. Here, football is played more obsessively than anywhere else, the sexy tango dance was brashly born, the best steaks are feverishly devoured and the humungous Andes mountain range towers. Even the largest dinosaur in the world was discovered here! Argentina is a country of celebrated proportions which persistently smash traveler expectations.

Destinations: Buenos Aires
If you’re lucky enough to visit Brazil – which covers nearly half of South America – you’re in for a visual, cultural and historical experience of a lifetime. Home of the Amazon Rainforest, upbeat Samba music and Rio de Janeiro’s famous beaches and carnival, Brazil’s enormous heart will win you over in no time.

Brazil is a perfect painting of white sandy beaches lined with palm trees, staggering mountains, vast canyons and powerful rivers. Tijuca forest offers wildlife aficionados a chance to spot unusual species as does a trip to the emerald Amazon Rainforest.

Destinations: Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo
One third of the thin, snake-like country of Chile is cloaked in the Andes so it’s inevitable that you’ll catch a glimpse of those towering mountains, so keep your cameras at the ready! Chile’s diverse landscape and climate reflects the long shape of the country and ranges from Atacama, the driest desert on earth, to Mediterranean beaches in the middle to rainforest in the south.

There are records of Chile being populated as early as 1200 BC, and before the Spanish colonized Chile in the 16th century, the north was controlled by the Incas and the south was dominated by the nomadic Araucanos.
As the second smallest country in South America, Ecuador is packed with an eclectic range of historical and natural sights. Here, old colonial towns painted with Spanish architecture and vibrant markets contrast beautifully with the unforgiving Andean volcanoes and Galapagos Islands, providing a unique sensory experience you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world.

Affectionately nicknamed the "the Heart of America," the landlocked country of Paraguay may be off the beaten track but it rivals its big-name neighbors in cultural appeal, natural wonders and magical experiences. With the heavy forests and dry deserts of Gran Chaco diverging from colonial towns like Asunción, Paraguay boasts eclectic sights and environments that many travelers have yet to discover.
Peru is a world in itself; one of vivid ancient cultures, vast rainforest and incredible memories. The Inca Empire and Norte Chico civilization once ruled Peru, and as they were the largest empire in pre-Columbian America and one of the oldest recorded civilizations in the world respectively, you can be sure that there is plenty of fascinating history to discover in Peru.

Destinations: Lima
Bordered on the map by South American giants Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay may be the second smallest country on the continent but it’s far from small on appeal. Boasting immaculate beaches, historic cities and gastronomic delights, Uruguay is a gem on the eastern coast of South America that deserves your exploration.

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Destination: Europe
The echoes of Maria’s song may still be bouncing off the snow-capped Alps, but although three quarters of Austria is swathed in them, there’s more to Austria than mountain ranges. Dig deeper and you’ll discover a rustic kingdom with hospitable locals who can’t wait to share their heart-warming cuisine and waltzing culture with you. If you can peel your eyes away from the marvelous mountain tops, you’ll be greeted by the rich vastness of the Pannonian Plain, the lush Danube Valley and its gorges, crystal-clear lakes, steep ridges lined by firs and various vineyards. From the broad Tryols valley to the clinking cow bells of the farmland, your time can easily be filled appreciating the views of rural Austria.

Destinations: Innsbruk, Vienna.
Belarus is a traditional and charmingly unique country which is sadly often overlooked by tourists. Travel into landlocked Belarus through sweeping marshy areas and thick forests where deer, wild boar and buffalo reside and you’ll find crystal-clear lakes as well as warm hospitality from the locals.

You’ll undoubtedly want to visit Belarus’s capital, Minsk, where there is much to see, but because the Napoleonic Wars, the Great Northern War and both world wars tore through Belarus, most of Belarus and Minsk’s fascinating heritage has been destroyed. However, there are various structures still standing in Minsk, such as the striking Church of St Peter and Paul or the historic Cathedral of St Virgin Mary. Embrace the war tributes in the center of Minsk though, and you’ll see an accurate picture painted of Belarus’s pride and character.

Destinations: Minsk
Belgium may be small, but for the last two millennia it has acted as a key battleground for many wars and is now the headquarters of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Belgium is also one of the newer European countries, and having recently celebrated its 175th anniversary of independence, Belgium is quickly becoming a number one destination for those after a taste of authentic and historical Europe.  Belgium’s rich history has left impressive churches, town halls, castles and art dating back to the early Middle Ages. Bruges features much of this medieval architecture and we’ll take you on a walking tour including the main town square and a serene cruise along the canals so you can sit back and admire it all. Gent should always be included on a trip to Belgium too, if not just to see the three towers dominating the skyline. The most spectacular is Saint Bavo’s Cathedral where Charles V was baptized in 1500, the second tower belongs to Saint Nicholas’ Church and the third to the 95 meter high medieval Belfort. They come together to create the perfect photo opportunity for visitors to the city.

Destinations: Brussels
Once ruled by the Ottoman Empire and then the Soviet regime, Bulgaria hasn’t always been a prime tourist destination. Today though, discerning Eastern European explorers are learning that Bulgaria’s relaxing Black Sea Coast and the lush valleys of the River Danube or River Struma match any rural European retreat.

Beyond the striking mountains and vast green stretches, there is also much history and culture to grasp. Bulgaria’s capital Sofia features the Neo-Byzantine style Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which is one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the world and a popular attraction due to its impressive size and striking structure.

Destinations: Sofia.
Due to Croatia’s crystal turquoise waters, sun drenched Adriatic coast and vast national parks such as Plitvice, Croatia has recently been branded as the fashionable new escape for the rich and famous. But the Roman ruins, medieval towns, fishermen and quiet alcoves offer a paradise that represents much more than a passing fad.

You’ll find much of this fascinating history in Zagreb, the rapidly modernizing capital. You can spy strong central European influences through architecture and food in Zagreb, mixed fluidly with Slavic folklore. Explore the mazes of the upper and lower town, the majestic cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace, St. Marks Church and the Opera House for a varied overview of the busy city.

Destinations: Zegrab.
Czech Republic
In 1993, Czechoslovakia split into Slovakia and Czech Republic, so Czech Republic has only been around for a very short time. But this has had no bearing on the incredible amount of history you can see on a tour to Czech Republic. There are countless castles rich with tales of the once powerful, such as Lednice Castle with its sumptuous Italianate Gardens, as well as picturesque historic spa towns which are set to the backdrop of Bohemian Massif, a huge ring of mountains which rises 900 meters above sea level.

Destinations: Prague.
It’s no wonder why the 5.5 million Danes who live in this fabulous area of Scandinavia have been voted the happiest people in the world. This flat yet stunning country boasts a wealth of history, a rich and artistic culture, wonderful rural landscapes, elegant cities, and a firm commitment to conservation, all crowned with an open-minded and laid-back attitude to life — making Denmark the perfect place for a fascinating and free-spirited retreat.

Destinations: Copenhagen
As you approach the white cliffs of Dover and alight to the hubbub of London you know you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime on an England tour. Boasting a long and fascinating history, charming countryside and quaint villages, England has it all, as well as cosmopolitan London in the jewel of its stunning crown.

History fans will certainly be kept busy in London; every antiquated street corner in England’s capital tells a captivating story, especially with such magnificent mansions as Buckingham Palace, or spine-chilling fortresses as the Tower of London to explore. From the Tate Modern art gallery to the Royal Opera House, culture connoisseurs can enjoy some of the most acclaimed museums, art galleries and performance venues in the world.

Destinations: London
Estonia, the smallest country in the Baltic, boasts a natural paradise of deserted beaches, lush forests, countless quaint islands and unique wildlife. Embracing Nordic traditions and influenced by the Germans, Russians and Swedes, Estonia is also the place to see medieval castles, strong defense towers and opulent manor houses saturated in history.

Estonia has been settled for about 11,000 years, but its history is painted with a series of invasions and occupations that have shaped the country today.

Destinations: Tallinn.
Looking out of the coach across Finland is like looking at a nation untouched by human hands. You’ll see miles of green open space, those famous glistening lakes and endless, untainted coastlines. Glimpse herds of reindeer in Lapland, Helsinki’s countless islands, incredible ice castles and the dreamlike Northern Lights, all in Finland. Beyond the obvious natural splendor of Finland, its towns and cities are modern, lively and full of heritage for you to enjoy too.

Destinations: Helsinki
France is the place to go; as the largest state in the European Union, you can’t afford to miss a trip to the country which already boasts 82 million foreign tourists a year, making it the most visited country in the world. From the expansive rural regions and fashionable beach resorts to the culture soaked cities, stylish France has so much to offer even the most discerning travelers.

Cities you shouldn’t miss include the magnificent and fast-paced Lyon, the once oh-so-glamorous Biarritz or the lively capital of the Loire Valley, Tours, with its picturesque presence and laid-back lifestyle – especially if you’re partial to fine wine. Wine lovers should also pay visits to the attractive world heritage site, Strasbourg or the ancient, elegant city of Bergerac as well as the regions of Burgundy, Bordeux and of course, Champagne! Cider drinkers will be impressed with the cider and apple brandy of Normandy, a region which also has impressively lush farmland, beaches and bustling market towns.

Destinations: Paris, Lyons, Nice, Bordeaux, Marseille, Carcassonne, Limoges, Bergerac, Biarritz, Grenoble, Brest, Nimes, Strasbourg, Tours.
Where to begin with a country so richly steeped in history as Germany? Once home to composers Beethoven, Bach and Brahms as well as several important Renaissance artists, Germany is brimming with culture. From the booming financial district of Frankfurt to the historically significant concentration camps of Dachau and the remains of the iconic Berlin Wall, you’ll find countless examples of revolution and evolution that have shaped the Germany we know today.Our German tours will leave you with powerful memories of a European superpower, your camera full of stunning scenery and architecture, and a desire to revisit this complex and compelling country. Destinations: Munich, and Berlin.
Greece has been the celebrated stage for the legacy of Western civilization to play upon for thousands of years. Ancient Greece is thought to be the birthplace of Western philosophy, the Olympic Games, democracy, Western literature, drama, mathematics and so much more. From Greece’s heart and capital, Athens, to the pulsing modernity in Mykonos and rugged islands of Crete, Patmos and Santorini, Trafalgar’s Greek tours walk you through every aspect of the fascinating history and beauty of Greece.

Destinations: Athens, Mykonos, Rhodes, and Crete.
There’s plenty more to Holland than sumptuous tulips, picturesque windmills and the world-famous bicycle culture, although that’s three great reasons to visit already. Beyond the clog-wearing, cheese-making stereotypes we all know, Holland is an essential stop for art and architecture enthusiasts, and its capital, Amsterdam, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with much history and creativity around every corner. While in Amsterdam, investigate the magnificently regal 13th century Dam Square featuring the striking Royal Palace and New Church. Here, choose from a wealth of world-class museums and galleries including the Rijksmuseum (the largest museum in the Netherlands hosting a fabulous collection from Rembrandt; look out for his famous ‘Nightwatch’), and wander the charming canals to find a rich array of fabulous cafes, social squares, energetic nightspots and quirky independent cinemas to name but a few attractions. A trip to Amsterdam wouldn’t be complete though, without a journey along the canals on a glass-topped boat, so you can admire that typically decorative Dutch architecture.

Destinations: Amsterdam.

As one of Europe’s oldest countries, Hungary is a treasure trove of Jewish heritage and fascinating history, where 2000 year old Roman ruins lie alongside 400 year old Turkish monuments. Hungary also boasts Europe’s largest fresh water lake, hundreds of mineral springs and a unique 1000 year old language. When the poppies and wild flowers are in bloom in the lush green fields, it’s easy to fall in love with Hungary. Hungary’s capital, Budapest, is often called the ‘Paris of the East’ thanks to its fashionable culture and structural reminders of the grandeur of Austro-Hungarian rule. The twin cities of Buda and Pest reside regally on the banks of the romantic River Danube, and because Hungary sits on one of the richest geothermal and medicinal water resources in the world, visitors to Budapest can relax in the many spas and bath houses. Destinations: Budapest.
There’s good reason why one of Ireland’s national symbols is the emerald shamrock. With some of the most luscious green landscapes on the western side of Europe, Ireland is the place to see over 40 shades of green and arresting scenery such as the Cliffs of Moher. Also brimming over with lively pub life, vibrant urban cities like Dublin and Cork, and everlasting Celtic traditions, Ireland has so much culture to take in. What better way to start off a tour of Ireland than in the vibrant city of Dublin. Design lovers can enjoy the amazing architecture of the President’s house, Trinity College Library and Custom House. There’s plenty to keep shoppers entertained at St. Georges Street arcade, as well as the many markets that adorn Dublin’s charming streets. For history enthusiasts and culture aficionados, don’t miss the striking Dublin Castle, the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the National Gallery. No matter what your taste, the best way to round it all off is with a pint of Guinness in the social heart of the city, Temple Bar. Destinations: Dublin.
Home to the greatest classical art, most sought-after fashions and globally adored food, Italy is a dream destination. Boasting never ending ancient ruins, gothic structures, Byzantine temples and medieval castles, Italy pays homage to significant historic periods such as the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. Featuring some of the most romantic cities on earth including Rome, Florence and Venice as well as Tuscan vineyards, snow-capped Alps and mediterranean beaches, Italy has it all.

Italy’s capital, Rome, offers a wealth of history. Admire St. Peter’s Basilica and Michelangelo’s miraculous Sistine Chapel or cross the Tiber River to the Forum and Circus Maximus, where chariot races once roared. Here find the mighty Colosseum where you can relive the stories of the gladiators!

Destinations: Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Naples, Verona, Bari, Genoa, Bologna, Pisa, Taormina, Turin, Siena, Palermo, Parma, Catania, Brindisi, and Bergamo.
Go off the beaten track to explore one of Europe’s best kept and most enchanting Baltic secrets, Latvia. Here charming historic villages mesh with stunning Baltic seaside resort towns, while culture and history shine through in the narrow medieval streets of Riga, Gothic and Baroque churches, and grand castles and ruins.

Latvia has been inhabited since 9000 BC and various tribes have settled in the area, leaving their legacy in the names of today’s Latvian regions. In the late 12th century, Christians arrived in the country, converting part of the population to their beliefs; however, at the turn of the 13th century, the Germans conquered Latvia and founded the city of Riga. The country’s subsequent centuries are illustrated with defeat by Poland, and occupation by Sweden and Nazi Germany. The Soviets then occupied the country for 40 years, until it regained independence in 1991.

It may be the sixth smallest country in the world (barely larger than Manhattan), but Liechtenstein is proof positive that the biggest gems still come in little ring boxes. With breathtaking scenes of natural beauty and some of the friendliest people in the world, this tiny principality does charming fairytale elegance like nowhere else.

Measuring only 61 square miles and with a population of 35,000 people, this tiny German-speaking country is the only alpine country to be situated completely within the Alps. This mountainous terrain is what Liechtenstein residents are most proud of, and for a good reason too. The staggering peaks make for envious photo opportunities and create a romantic backdrop to your exploration of Leichtenstein’s plentiful attractions. Located in the Upper Rhine of the Alps and bordered on the east by Austria and the west by Switzerland, Liectenstein’s highest point is 8,527 feet, but despite this the general temperatures are mild, which makes for the perfect vacation destination.
As the first Soviet republic to gain independence, Lithuania exudes pride and vibrancy in its historic cities, from the tiny capital of Vilnius to Šiauliai with its humbling Hill of Crosses. The country also radiates with natural charm; the Baltic Sea kisses sandy beaches, and untouched forests and marshland house unique and protected wildlife and rare birds.
Luxembourg is one country which has far outgrown its borders in terms of fabulous attractions and mysterious allure. Steeped in a grand fairy-tale history, adorned with fabulous castles and ancient forests, and brimming with old-world heritage, it’s quite incredible to think that the majestic nation of Luxembourg measures a tiny 82 kilometers long and 57 kilometers wide.

Only three districts make up Luxembourg; Diekirch, Grevenmacher and Luxembourg, all of which feature craggy terrain, rolling hills and thick forests. The Ardennes Mountains dominate the north, and three rivers: the Moselle, the Sauer and the Our, crisscross the petite country beautifully.
Monaco, the second smallest country in the world, is not short of attractions and activities to get your heart stirring. Surrounded by France and the glittering Mediterranean Sea, this sovereign state is notorious for its resort town of Monte Carlo, luxurious casino, exciting Grand Prix races and glamorous royal family.

The Grimaldi royal family has ruled Monaco since 1297, when Francois Grimaldi took over the fortress of Monaco from a rival Italian group. With only small gap in their rule during the French Revolution — when the French occupied the country — the Grimaldis have largely influenced this lavish country. In 1863, the country opened the world-renowned Monte Carlo Casino in its famous resort town, paving way for its economic success. Today, why not take a gamble here and hope Lady Luck is on your side?

Destinations: Monte Carlo.
Northern Ireland
From the spectacular volcanic formations of Giants Causeway to imposing castles dating back to Norman times, Northern Ireland is packed with stunning landscapes and striking architecture to pique your senses. Gaining independence in the last century, this country exudes pride and historical charm, easily discovered in such unique areas as the walled city of Derry or the buzzing capital of Belfast.

Northern Ireland’s history is deep-rooted and at times uneasy. With the first settlers arriving in the country 9,000 years ago, Northern Ireland and its history are steeped in folklore, Christianity, Viking raids, Norman occupation and political conflict. In 1922, Northern Ireland became an independent union from the Republic of Ireland and won its own government in 1933. After suffering the ravages of World War II, Northern Ireland has come back with a renewed sense of pride and is a revitalized country waiting to be explored.

Destinations: Belfast.
Norway is a land famed for its natural wonders. From Norway’s world renowned fjords, mountains and glaciers which were formed in the Ice Age, to the otherworldly experiences of the northern lights and the ‘midnight sun’ whereby the sun doesn’t set for the whole summer, it’s easy to see why Norway is dubbed one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Destinations: Oslo.
Saturated with deep reminders of its tumultuous past, Poland today has been remarkably transformed and preserved after invasions and devastating war. Filled with medieval towns, humbling historical attractions and sacred sites, Poland offers a wealth of history and culture to absorb.

Poland’s history is long and daunting, shaped by a series of invasions and the ravages of two world wars. While Polish lands have been inhabited by tribes since the Stone Age, the Slavs were the first to settle on the lands and the first Polish state was formed in the 10th century. During this era, the Jewish community also settled and burgeoned in Poland.

Destinations: Warsaw.
Rediscover the romance of travel with a trip to Portugal, a gem on the Iberian Peninsula that will charm you with its grand castles, sacred sites and picturesque villages attesting to over 900 years of history. Also blessed with sun-kissed beaches and dramatic rocky coves, Portugal deserves your admiration for both its natural splendor and culture- and history-laden cities.

Portugal’s rich culture has been shaped by the various civilizations that have passed through the country throughout history. First settled by the Celtic people in the 1st century BC, the lands of the Iberian Peninsula have been invaded by numerous peoples, including the Romans, Moors and Christians, each leaving their marks the country.

Destinations: Lisbon, and Oporto
With a tumultuous past etched with a series of invasions and war, Romania today still carries strong reminders of its past. From imposing Gothic castles that once defended against invaders to medieval Transylvanian towns fortified by city walls, Romania is rich in historical interest, but also boasts unspoilt natural landscapes and bustling cities rising in economic importance. The medieval towns in Transylvania are seeping with charm that even Dracula would be enchanted by. Sibiu, the former hub of the Transylvanian Saxons, will captivate you with its cobbled streets and pastel-colored houses. The city walls, well-preserved defense towers and old city squares take you back to Transylvania’s more clamorous times and now stand as important historical attractions. Also a culture-soaked city, Sibiu is home to two large museum complexes, three theaters and a handful of festivals throughout the year.
As the largest country in the world, Russia offers an overabundance of historical and cultural attractions to whet your appetite. Big cities such as St. Petersburg, Moscow and Novgorod are shrouded in heritage and boast postcard-perfect sights such as St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin. The country is also home to diverse and dramatic landscapes; from the dense forests of Karelia, to icy tundra inhabited by bears and wolves, to the longest river in Europe, Russia’s spectacular works of Mother Nature will leave you breathless.

Exploring a country that spans over 17 million square kilometers can be overwhelming, but in Russia, the popular tourist spots of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Novgorod are perfect places to start.

In St. Petersburg, don’t miss seeing the Tsar’s Winter Palace, Nevsky Prospekt, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the statue of Peter the Great, and the Peter and Paul Fortress. Art enthusiasts should head to the Hermitage Museum to see one of the world’s largest and most valuable art collections, which includes over three million items and presents the development of world culture and art from the Stone Age to the 20th century.

Destinations: Moscow.
Boasting lush green landscapes, castles full of history, unforgettable icons and exciting festivals, Scotland is home to more than just bagpipes and kilts. There’s a world of colorful culture and intriguing history to discover in this country, from the Edinburgh Festival to the legend of the Loch Ness Monster to the imposing Edinburgh Castle, all which will captivate you.

The area of Scotland has been inhabited for ages, early evidence showing hunters and gatherers arrived here around 10,000 BC. During the New Stone Age, the Neolithic people inhabited the lands, leaving their mark in history in Scotland’s now beautifully preserved village of Skara Brae.

Scotland’s grand and imposing castles also stand testament to the country’s gripping history, which is painted with Roman and Irish-Celtic invasions, conflict with neighboring England, and many prominent heroes and fighters. Don’t miss seeing Scotland’s most famous castle, Edinburgh Castle, which stands proudly atop an old volcano in the country’s capital. This castle is filled with opulent rooms once graced by kings and queens, and is located on the perfect spot to take in panoramic views of the city.

Destinations: Edinburgh, and Glasgow.
The sweeping Carpathian Mountains and serene Danube River envelop a country embracing medieval towns and deep-rooted folk traditions influenced by its intriguing past. Now an independent European country, Slovakia offers a wealth of discovery at every corner, from the prominent castle in Bratislava to the simple wooden churches in the country’s villages. Though young, Slovakia has heaps of history waiting to be unearthed.

Destinations: Slovakia
Affectionately known as the "Country on the Sunny Side of the Alps," Slovenia is a compact country with big things to offer. Its medieval cities are filled with reminders of its repressive past; the majestic Alps, Adriatic Sea, craggy caves and impenetrable forests form unforgettable natural landscapes; and culture abounds in the country’s capital. Combining a heady mix of natural beauty and old world charm, Slovenia captivates its visitors at all times of the year.
From the eccentric architecture of Gaudi to the romance of the Andalucia to the unforgiving landscape of the Pyrenees, Spain encompasses a heady mix of cultural, historical and natural attractions. Visitors flock here to enjoy the sandy beaches along the azure Mediterranean Sea and live the laidback lifestyle of the locals, leaving with lasting memories of a country brimming with culture and vibrancy.

The myriad culture-soaked cities in Spain can make it hard to decide where to go, but first-timers should definitely start off at some of its most popular destinations such as Barcelona, Madrid and Seville. Barcelona is gilded with reminders of the architectural genius of Antonio Gaudi, from his unfinished masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia, to the eccentric Parc Guell. The streets of the vibrant La Rambla are buzzing day and night, and the Iberian coast is packed with locals and tourists alike looking to catch some sun.

Destinations: Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville.
Sweden, the third largest country in the European Union, is a modern country on the Scandinavian Peninsula boasting iconic design, eclectic island cities and lush green pastures. With history dating back to prehistoric times and a Viking Age that largely shaped the country, Sweden is also rich in historical interest, offering an abundance of discoveries at every corner. The capital of Sweden, Stockholm, is a picturesque city that always draws the tourists and should not be missed. Here, you can meander through the cobblestone streets of the medieval center of Gamla Stan, marvel at the magnificent Royal Palace or take in a view of the city from the tower at City Hall. You can also enjoy views of this unique island city by boat or by simply walking around and crossing the numerous bridges that connect the city. Destinations: Stockholm.
With the frosted peaks of the Alps and picturesque lakes dotted around the country, Switzerland has so much natural beauty to appreciate. Although a perfect winter getaway country, Switzerland is enjoyable at all times of the year, boasting ski resorts with crisp mountain air, culture-laden cities like Geneva and Lucerne, and delectable Swiss chocolate. Open your senses with a Trafalgar tour through the resort towns and lakeside cities of Switzerland.

The cities in Switzerland are oozing with charm and culture that draw its visitors in. In the heart of the country is Switzerland’s largest city and financial center, Zurich, where you can browse the luxury shops along Bahnhofstrasse or marvel at sacred sights such as the 9th century Fraumünster abbey. You can’t miss this abbey as it has a towering spire that protrudes proudly into the sky.

Destinations: Lucerne, and Zurich.
Turkey, surrounded by the Mediterranean and Black seas, is a crossroads of history and culture, offering rich pickings for even the most discerning traveler. Boasting ancient Greek cities with magnificent ruins, endless beaches along the Anatolian coast and the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Istanbul, Turkey has a treasure trove of attractions to pique your interest.

Turkey’s rich and fascinating history is evident throughout its diverse cities and awe-inspiring attractions. Located on the Anatolian Peninsula, the area of present-day Turkey was first inhabited during the Neolithic era, and has since been ruled by myriad cultures, including the Hittites, Greeks, Byzantines and Ottomans.

If you’re seeking sun, history and culture, look no further than Turkey, where Trafalgar can take you on a trip in time to some of Turkey’s best cities.
Exuding pride after a rich history of invasions, Wales today is dripping with vibrant culture that embraces literature, music and art. With diverse and dramatic landscapes, severe imposing castles, and tucked-away towns, Wales is a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be unearthed.

Wales is a natural haven boasting three craggy mountain ranges, striking waterfalls and lapping lakes. Shaped by the last ice age, the Snowdonia, Cambrian and Brecon Beacons mountains are a hiker’s playground. The Welsh coastline, stretching for over 1,200 kilometers, is littered with unspoilt beaches, and the Welsh waters are even home to friendly marine life such as dolphins, turtles and seals.

Destinations: Cardiff.

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Destination: Africa
The magnificent and iconic images of the Great Pyramids of Giza and the ancient temples, tombs and treasures that line the vast River Nile have been luring us to Egypt for over 4000 years. But although the pyramids and vast desert have come to symbolize the exotic destination that is Egypt, really they’re just a small portion of the archeological plethora that Egypt possesses.

Once home to one of the oldest and most advanced ancient civilizations on the planet, Egypt is a country brimming with some of the world’s richest and most fascinating history, and all of this is yours to explore amongst the realms of Egypt’s ancient remnants. Few feelings can rival that of standing in front of the only surviving wonder of the ancient world, the Pyramids, or smelling the musty air of the 3000 year-old tombs in the Valley of the Kings, some of which still look like they were painted with the infamous blue and gold scenes of the pharaohs just yesterday.

Visit Luxor – also known as the ‘world’s greatest open air museum’ – where every temple is more spectacular than the last, and each tells its own wealth of fascinating stories about one of the most sophisticated and mysterious peoples that ever lived. To say the remains of Luxor’s Avenue of the Sphinx or the impressive Valley of the Kings are breathtaking would be an understatement; this spectacular place must be seen to be believed.

Destinations: Luxor.

Just a short distance away from Europe is a world apart in culture and ambience — Morocco. Here, you’re spoilt for choice — the buzzing bazaars of Fez, the sunny resort city of Marrakesh, dreamy Casablanca and the opulent palaces of Rabat all vie for your attention, providing you an exotic cultural experience you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Bordered by Spain to the north but occupying a whole other continent, Morocco is an exotic gem in North Africa that offers so much to see and do. In the imperial city of Fez, you can see the fascinating labyrinthine Medina plus the Royal Palace, or perhaps haggle over beautiful Moroccan carpets — an everlasting souvenir! Revel in the exotic atmosphere of this imperial city of Morocco and you’ll surely be longing for more.

For a dose of sun all year-round, head to the popular resort city of Marrakesh, which was once the favorite vacation spot of Sir Winston Churchill. Here, don’t miss seeing the opulent 19th century Bahia Palace that features an 8,000-square-meter garden and grand courtyard. For a taste of the city’s vibrant atmosphere, wander through one of Africa’s busiest squares, the Djemaa Square, where you’ll be met by palm readers, acrobats, musicians and dancers. By nightfall, you’ll be greeted with a heady mix of food stalls providing endless dining choices to satisfy your cravings.

Destination: Asia
With its narrow streets, elegant architecture, teahouses and exquisite gardens, China has long held appeal for discerning travelers, though China’s greatest charm stems from it being one of the world’s oldest continuous civilizations. This means that a tour to China will be an enchanting odyssey through more than 5,000 years of history for you to discover.

Beijing is China’s capital, and as it was home to the 2008 Summer Olympics, you can now visit the huge Olympics grounds. For more historic sites, stand in the middle of Tiananmen Square, visit the Forbidden City or walk along the Great Wall, the world famous man-made wonder. Regal fascination can be found in Beijing’s Summer Palace, the best-preserved imperial garden in China. Admire the enchanting natural elements and the graceful design of the temples, pavilions, halls, palaces and bridges. On your way back to Beijing, walk along the tree-lined Sacred Way, flanked on both sides by giant statues of animals guarding the entrances to the Ming Tombs. For a more rustic view of the city, ride in a traditional rickshaw for a behind-the-scenes tour of the hutongs, the ancient alleyways of the old residential area of Beijing. End your day by unwinding with a stunning performance at the world-renowned Beijing Opera.

If you’d prefer to see the China of picture books complete with narrow streets, simple and elegant homes and intriguing shops don’t miss the charming town of Tongli which has even been called the ‘Venice of the East’, and is a great example of the striking diversity of China.

Destination: Australia
Australia may be the world’s smallest continent but it features many of Mother Nature’s biggest feats. From the world’s largest coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef, to the world’s largest monolith, Mount Augustus, as well as mammoth stretches of outback, Australia is one colossal adventure. Head into the outback to Alice Springs, to stand in awe at the striking color changes of Ayers Rock at twilight, and admire the mystical 36 domes of the Olgas. Stop at Simpsons Gap with its lovely red river gum scenery and take a walking tour down the stony watercourse of Standley Chasm to really experience Australia’s natural landscape.

Destinations: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane.
Ever wanted to escape to a tropical island paradise with deserted sandy beaches, crystal blue oceans and lush mountain wilderness? Say hello (or ‘bula!’) to the 333 islands in the South Pacific that make up Fiji, which offers all that and far more. In Fiji you’ll uncover plunging waterfalls, pink coral reefs, welcoming locals and a laid-back pace of life that you won’t find anywhere else on earth.

The two main islands of Fiji are Viti Levu and Vanua Levus which account for almost 90% of the population. It’s in Vanua Levus that you’ll find Fiji’s capital, Suva, which is a harbor city that has been built on a stunning peninsula and hosts much colonial architecture peppered between tall palm trees; spend the day here to truly experience the Fijian way of life.

New Zealand
It’s no wonder New Zealand is one of the world’s most desirable destinations. New Zealand is a dream-like landscape of sweeping mountains, glaciers and wide open space just begging to be explored. The friendly cities which sit proudly atop of these precious panoramas offer an abundance of fresh cuisine, Kiwi and Maori heritage as well as energetic culture.

In the North Island visit Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, where you should climb Mount Eden or the Sky Tower for excellent city views. Auckland also offers Bastian Point, Viaduct Harbor which is home to the 2000 America’s Cup Village and Waitemata Harbor. History fans should drop in on the Auckland Museum and shopaholics should head to stylish Parnell to be spoiled for souvenirs.

Destinations: Auckland, Queenstown, Christchurch.

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