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Many beautiful and culturally diverse countries in Asia. From incredible sights and sounds that will be a visually stunning experience, to food that will tantalize the senses. There is so much history going back many many years that will give you the opportunity to explore something incredible. Set off on a great adventure full of wonder.
Middle East
Some amazing places here to check out are Tel Aviv, a lively city in Israel filled with lots of great culture, stunning beaches, and amazing food! Located right on the Mediterranean sea, there are many things to do day and night!
If you are a lover of beaches and palm trees, the Caribbean is a must visit place! The best places to go are Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Palm Island, Saint Lucia, San Juan/Puerto Rico, St. Martin/St. Maarten, Turks & Caicos/Parrot Cay.
United States
Of course you can find many amazing cities in the US, from the city that never sleeps (New York) to Hollywood itself (Los Angeles). Take a trip over to San Francisco to enjoy the laidback culture and beautiful scenery. If you like a bustling nightlife and party beaches, Miami is definite a spot to see. Venture over to Washington DC to see the white house!
There are many great tours to take in Europe. As well you can earn a lot of Airmiles in the process. Air Canada has a ton of flights going out daily all over Europe.
South America
Home to some of the world’s most magnificent natural wonders, vibrant cities and architectural landmarks, South America will bring sunshine to your heart and music to your ears. Enjoy the warmth and the hospitality, taste the delicious cuisines, dance to the sensual rhythms and live the pasión in lavish celebrations. You’ll meet some truly amazing people during your journey and brace yourself, because you’ll probably catch that contagious spirit that embodies this part of the world and transforms almost every traveller.
South Pacific
If you have yet to go to Australia or New Zealand, you are definitely missing out. There is nothing like the unbelievable beauty of these two countries. Dive in Great Barrier Reef for some of the best scuba in the world, and then hit up the Outback for some wild adventures. In New Zealand, do visit Auckland and Queenstown.
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Want a vacation that is like no other? Alaska will make you appreciate the beauty of colder climates. From towering mountains to magical wildlife, there is an adventure to be had every day. View the stunning glaciers, gigantic whales who come to the surface, and the snow covered mountains.
Bermuda is one of the only places in the world where you can find pink sand beaches. Enjoy the magical beaches, or play a round of golf at one of the many incredible courses. At night, dance the night away with live island music!

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Ah, the Mediterranean sea. It truly is absolutely stunning and needs to be appreciated with your own eyes. On land, enjoy the cobble-stone street going through many mountains beside the sea. Take a stroll to museums, castles, and ancient ruins. And don’t forget about the delectable food found in many countries right on the Mediterranean.
Panama Canal
As one of the most famous canals in the world, it will take you through Central America. There are plenty of wildlife to see along the way, from hundreds of species of birds to beautiful plantation and animals. Here you will find some of the greatest tropical environments in the world!
Looking for some great beaches? The Bahamas has that and much more. With perfect weather, you will be very comfy in shorts and a t-shirt to lounge around and bask in the sunshine. Don’t forget, many cruise ships stop in the Bahamas if you’d rather be afloat than stuck on land.
If taking naps under palm trees are your thing, the Caribbean is calling your name. Swim in the aqua coloured clear ocean, as the warm waves take you to blissful places. There are many islands in the Caribbean to visit, and a cruise is a great way to see many at a time in one vacation!
Perhaps one of the most laid back places in the world, Hawaii is THE place to relax. With some of the best beaches in the world and a culture that makes you feel like you are so welcomed, you may never want to leave. It is the ideal honeymoon spot, and also great for family vacations. Hike through bamboo forests, explore volcanoes, and climb epic waterfalls. At night, enjoy the fun parties, Hawaiian style!
Great weather, beautiful beaches, and fun activities are a great way to describe Mexico. From delicious burritos and tacos, to Coronas on the beach. And of course, there is a very lively nightlife especially in Cancun. Staying at a resort in Mexico is a great way to enjoy great food, drink, and beaches. Put on your sombrero and dance to mariachi music. Of course you can check out some of the great history in this country as well such as the Mayan Ruins.
South America
South America is a huge place filled with many wonders of the world. Trek through mountains, and then enjoy amazing food. Enjoy everything from amazing beaches to vibrant cities. Many great countries to check out such as Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and more!
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Start your experience in India to get a true culture shock. Enjoy the delicious food and warm culture. From there, make your way to Nepal and enjoy some incredible hiking in the mountains. Looking to let loose? It’s time to make your way to Thailand to find the perfect mix of culture, party, and beaches! Continue that over in Bali, and then the rest of southeast Asia!
The South Pacific
Try a 27-day cruise through the South Pacific. It is the perfect way to see Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania! Take in all the great culture of these three amazing places!
South America
Take a 27-day tour through South America as it will quite literally be the time of your life. Tack on a 14-day cruise around Patagonia, and make the word ‘adventure’ your middle name!
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